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tirsdag den 29. april 2008

GPS Dog Tracking System

Does your dog like to run his own way? With the GPS Dog Tracking System, you can easyly find it anywhere.

With this small GPS receiver attached to your dogs collar, you can easy find him, when he leaves a defined area, and tells you via text message or e-mail. You can pinpoint your dogs exact location within 30′. through the online tracking service (12 month subscription required). You can create up to 10 safety zones (5 active simultaneously). Once your dog crosses the boundary, you ar notified via your cell phone or e-mail.

The GPS has a battery life up to 5 days on a 4 hours charge. The retail price is $199.95. The monthly subscription is $14.95. But you will always know where your dog is.

The Coolest Cat Flap

Do you have a cat at home, If so I bet it would love its own little door, this is so cool.

The elite cat flap is programable for up to 8 cats, you can deside whoe is alowed to come
and go. With the LCD display you can see wich cats are in and which ones are out.

Air Purifier uses plants to clear the air

This is the coolest thing, i gotta have one.

1971. Apollo 13 almost didn’t make it back home. We’ve all seen the movie. But it wasn’t the explosion that nearly killed the astronauts, it was rising levels of CO2 which would kill them within hours. They had plenty of oxygen, but the filters that scrubbed the atmosphere in the lunar model (now a lifeboat) were quickly becoming saturated and the filters in the dead command module wouldn’t fit. So, NASA Engineers had to quickly find a way to make a square peg literally fit into around hole. Now, why am I tell you all this? Glad you asked. NASA learned their lesson and based upon that exerperience came the Bel-Air Air Purification System which uses plants to clean the air. Here’s how it works.

In a design that looks like a cross between a planter and filter helmet, the Bel-Air bathes the plants in a humid, self contained chamber. Dirty air is pumped through it and the plant itself scrubs the air clean of carbon dioxide and danger chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde. The result is plain old fresh air thanks to Photosynthesis (it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law).
Although the Bel-Air Purification system is currently only a prototype, the designer, Mathieu Lehanneur hopes to bring it to the home air purification market by 2009. Meanwhile, beginning this January, visitors to the New York Museum of Modern Art can check it out as part of the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition.

Hand cranked MP3 player means you’ll never be without tunes

How many times has your MP3 player died on you while you were rocking out far from home? I’m sure it’s happened at least a few times, and depending on your MP3 player, you were probably out of luck until you got home to recharge it. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just turn a hand crank a few times and have it charged again?

I’m actually not really sure what I think of this, at least for me. I have a fancy iPod Touch, so something like this would be a bit basic for me. However, if you need only a basic player with 1GB of storage, this might be perfect for you. If you’re the kind of person that really cares about your impact on the environment, you’ll really love it, since it is powered solely by the hand crank. At about $60 each, they really aren’t that much more expensive than a 1GB iPod Shuffle.

Source: UberGizmo

UV Card

This great little UV card is the perfect thing for outdoor lovers. Use it to know when and how much lotion to put on. The more scientifically minded who love taking details of their environment will find the UV card to come in handy as it will be able to indicate the current UV intensity within three seconds, displaying it in three levels (1 to 3 indicates low, 4 to 6 is middle while 7 to 8 means staying indoors and wait till dusk). The UV Card retails for $11.50.

HyMini uses wind power to charge your gadgets

HyMini is a great little gadget, to charge your electronic device.
The HyMini has a turbine that uses the wind to charge your gadgets. It has ports for many cameras, phones and other devices.
This $50 gadget is very cool, but you will need wind speeds at 9 mph and max 40 mph, so you cant put it on your car. But on a windy day youl have all the power you will need.

This Tea Picked By A Bunch Of Monkeys

There is a legend that says that over ten centuries ago, upon seeing his master pick tea leaves, a monkey climbed up and collected the leaves and brought them down for his master. Whether it be legend or simply a cheaper form of labor, the story has turned into a rare product that you can purchase and enjoy.

Monkey Picked Tea is a rare tea that is carefully picked by specially trained monkeys in a remote mountain region of China. It is claimed that none of the monkeys are mistreated or harmed in this process. They say that the monkeys are treated as respected members of their family. A quote from ThinkGeek:

“The legendary flavor is something that can only be tasted to be believed. Monkey Picked Tea is truly in a class by itself. Full of antioxidants, this tea will calm your soul, temper your spirit, and put you in divine touch with your monkey ancestors.”

You can swing on over to ThinkGeek to buy a bag (aproximately 28 servings) for $24.99.

Iwavecube Personal Microwave for Tiny, Tiny Food

How cool is this? The Iwavecube a small portable microwave to the office or the long drive. The quiet, super-energy-efficient iwavecube measures just 10″ x 10.5″ x 12″ and weighs only 12 lbs. Features a built-in carry handle and view-through door. Plugs into standard outlet.
The only downside, beside you wont be able to make much in it, but it costs $129.95 it is quite expensive for a coffee and snack warmer.
But i still think it would be worth it.

Radio Controlled Fish Locating Radar Boat

Is this the ultimate fishing gadget?

As any fisherman will know, one of the primary keys to landing a successful catch is knowing where the fish actually are and now, thanks to this extremely cool radio controlled radar enabled fishing gadget, you can call on technology to lend a helping hand.

Coming complete with a handheld controller featuring a 5.7 inch LCD radar display, and an endurance of 1.5 hours (on continuous power), this radio controlled fishing boat will help you locate the fish using its onboard radar unit (as well as reporting a host of supplementary information such as exact its co-ordinates, the water temperature and present water depth) and, once the fish are found, the one meter long vessel (yes you read that right) can release its fishing line via a rod attached to the back thus ensuring that the bait is delivered with complete precision into the target area.

Survival Gadgets – The Telescopic Pen Fishing Rod

You never know when you might have to depend on your survival instincts. It could be that you car has broken down in the middle of nowhere only for you to find that your mobile battery has long since expired. As a consequence, you’re nothing more than a silhouette cast against the sunset, resting against the bonnet of your car wondering whether your fate is to starve to death in a place with no name.

Or at least that could have been the case were it not for the fact that you’re carrying a telescopic fishing rod that looks like a pen and there just happens to be a river near by teaming with fish. At least you won’t be going hungry tonight.

This cool survival gadget is manufactured from aluminium alloy and extends telescopically from an 8” pen to become a 4ft (1.5m) fishing rod that is capable of landing a fish of up to an impressive 5lb (1.5kg) in weight thanks to the snap on reel offering freewheel casting.

The Telescopic Pen Fishing Rod comes in two flavours, the above detailed version (which comes as a boxed set) or a basic version retailing at £39.95 and £24.95 respectively (approximately $80 / $50 at the time of writing).

Of course, if you’re a true geek you’ll have no need of this particular gadget on account of the fact that you’ll probably have this Radio Controlled Fish Locating Radar Boat stored in the boot just in case of such emergencies.


 The Weza can power start cars, or power any electronics with a cigarette lighter plug
Can be charged by your, or AC Adapter, Solar, or Wind !!

The FreeCharge Portable Energy Source is a versatile, robust energy pack providing totally dependable power for emergency situations and everyday use in remote applications. The FreeCharge features an internal rechargeable lead acid gel cell battery capable of jump starting a vehicle or boat with a flat battery, as well as powering a range of other appliances.

The FreeCharge can be energized from either an AC or DC source e.g. 110v wall, solar, wind and, in emergency situations, using the step treadle. the FreeCharge will accept 110V to 240V AC and DC inputs from 10.7V to 21V. (Note, we don't sell it with the 240v adapter)

The FreeCharge has an output rating of 400 cranking amps and can jump start a wide range of motorized equipment, like a Car. This battery is a lead acid 7 amp hour sealed "cranking amp" battery (Not deep cycle). The FreeCharge can also be used to power electronic equipment including navigation devices via its 12V DC cigarette lighter output socket. The FreeCharge has fold-able stabilizers, making it easily portable and able to be stowed neatly away, making it ideal for boats, motor homes and campers.

The FreeCharge Weza ships with an integrated foot pedal that is used to charge an internal battery which in turn provides direct 12-volt power. Coupled with the right kind of cabling or converters, you can use the FreeCharge Weza to power emergency lighting, recharge your gadgets, or even jump start a car if th eneed arises
Get it from:

Emergency Sleeping Bag

 Silver inside and out. Unlike the Blanket Type, you can get inside of this Emergency Sleeping Bag!

Get it from:

Emergency Car Escape Tool

Breaks Glass & Cut Seat Belts

Features Include:
• Car to Car Charging Cable, No Need to Open the Hood, No More Messy Hands
• 4-in-1 Emergency Hammer
• Flashlight
• Emergency Hammer (Specially designed to break glass)
• Seat Belt Cutting Razor (At oposite end of hammer)
• Car Alarm Light (On Hammer)
Get it from:

SPOT Satellite Personal Messenger

  • Summon assistance from extremely remote areas

  • Message success rate of nearly 100%

  • Relay your movements to emergency contacts

  • Waterproof and shockproof 
    Hiking or hunting in remote country? Don't leave home without a SPOT. Using dual satellite networks to receive and relay your location, SPOT allows you to summon assistance from friends, family and authorities. With a message success rate of nearly 100%, help is only a button away when you need it most. Backed by one of the world's leading mobile satellite companies, the SPOT network is utilized by thousands of governmental and industrial clients. For an annual service fee of $99.99, you'll be satellite-connected to reliable emergency assistance across much of the world. By tracking your movements and interfacing with Google Maps™, your position will be relayed to email accounts and emergency contacts of your choice. The unit floats, and is waterproof to one meter for up to 30 min. Operates on two AA lithium batteries (included). Weighs 7.37 oz.

  • Get it from:

    Palco Cell Phone Stun Gun

    Would-be attackers won't be able to tell the difference between a cell phone and this powerful stun gun, giving you the element of surprise in threatening situations. Delivers a high-voltage, low-amperage shock that disrupts the signal from the brain to the muscles. This causes an attacker to drop while the brain tries to remember how to move the arms and legs. Full recovery can take 5-10 minutes, and there is no permanent damage. Leather carrying case included.

    Get it from:

    Deer Hunter's Edge

    Predicts peak game activity times

  • Four-hour future hunting forecast

  • Built-in 95-year hunting forecast based on future sun/moon data

  • 16-hour barometric history bar graph

  • Altimeter to 29,000 ft. 

    Time is precious, and in these busy times you'll want to make the most of your time in the woods with the Deer Hunter's Edge. Scientists have discovered that daily animal activity patterns involve interaction between hormonal influences and cyclic environmental events. Moon phase, weather patterns and photoperiod are all used by this tool to calculate the best hunting times each day. View a four-hour hunting forecast based on a scale from 1 to 10, or look at a 16-hour graph showing expected game activity peak times. It also gives you a weather forecast, severe weather warnings, altitude, pressure and a lighted electric compass. Two CR2032 lithium batteries included.
    Dimensions: 4.5" x 2.75" x 1.0".

  • Get it from:

    Adventure Plus Safety Tool

  • Super-bright LED flashlight

  • Liquid-filled freeze-resistant floating dial compass

  • Digital thermometer (°C or °F)

  • 5X magnifier

  • Safety mirror to signal for emergency help

  • Dry storage compartment

  • If you're planning to set out on a backcountry adventure, don't go without a multifunctional safety tool like the Adventure Plus. Weighing only 2 oz., you'll want to pack it with other essential gear. Features a super-bright LED flashlight, liquid-filled freeze-resistant floating dial compass, digital thermometer (°C or °F), 5X magnifier, safety mirror to signal for emergency help, safety whistle and a dry storage compartment for easy-strike matches. Powered by two CR1616 batteries.
    Size: 4-3/8" x 1-1/2" x 3/4".

    Get in from:

    MicroFix™ Personal Locator Beacons

     ACR TerraFix™ and MicroFix™ Personal Locator Beacons 

    When your life is on the line, your chances of getting found quickly are greater when you activate a PLB. Put the odds in your favor with a TerraFix or NEW MicroFix 406 Personal Locator Beacon. These units transmit on 406MHz via the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite system using a unique, digitally coded distress signal that is registered specifically to the user, while at the same time emitting a 121.5MHz SAR homing frequency. Both units feature an internal GPS that acquires your current latitude and longitude when the unit is activated. Delivers a distress signal with coordinates depicting your position with accuracy within 110 yards. Search and Rescue can be notified within three minutes of distress activation. Incredibly compact (MicroFix is 20% smaller than the TerraFix), these personal location beacons can be carried in a pocket or pack making them perfect for the space-, weight- and safety-conscious outdoor enthusiast. Perfect for boaters, hikers, hunters, skiers, climbers, kayakers and pilots. Use the included removable holster or the carabiner clip for easy access. Stainless steel antenna wraps compactly around the unit. Floats if dropped in water and is waterproof up to 33 ft. TerraFix™ wt: 12 oz. MicroFix™ wt: 10 oz. Both have a five-year warranty.



    onsdag den 23. april 2008

    The Mooncode Safe

    We've all had to leave a set of keys, or something valuable out for someone to pick up when were not there, and we've all hidden our cash in our shoes on a busy beach while swimming and its just not the safest is it?

    The Mooncode is a safer and more reliable secure alternative to leaving keys and valuable objects under a rock, vehicle, doormat or ‘hidden' somewhere else.

    Popular with people who do outdoors activities such as surfing, swimming, jet-skiing, walking and camping and for professionals who have to leave a set of keys for the next person to use ( real estate agents, car dealers and the like) the Mooncode is the ultimate secure device for all your valuables!

    Ever wanted to go for that swim on a crowded beach and had to leave your keys hidden in your shoe?Gone camping and left you wallet stashed in your tent? Not really that safe when it gets down to it – with the Mooncode you can clamp it to a tree, a fence or anything else and know that it'll be there when you get back! Great for backpackers as well, - clamp it to the bed and you'll not have to worry that that 4 months travel money might disappear while you're out on the town!

    Built of weather resistant cast steel, finished with Baked paint for durability and using a 4 code digit dial ( that's thousands of combinations!) you'll feel secure in leaving you're valuables out in plain sight!


    Materials:Hardened Iron steel and zinc alloy

    Size: 18cm x 80cm x 31 cm

    Shackle size: 1cm thickness

    Resettable 4 digit dial combination lock

    Price: £19.95

    USB Engine Hub

    Start up, rev up, change gear and go with the engine USB hub!

    Do you love the roar of an engine? Start the day with a smile on your face when you use the USB engine. When the USB terminal is connected to the PC, the engine sound will begin. The USB Motorbike Engine Hub is quite simply the most perfect computer accessory. The engine has 3 ports, you can use each for plugging in you electrical goodies (eg – MP3, digital camera, memory sticks etc.)

    The engine vibrates and goes up and down, you can rev the engine, and rev the gears –all with completely realistic sound and movement!

    You will Marvel at the precise engineering, realistic exhaust and intricate working parts. Really handy for the multi-tasker and means you don't have to keep switching cables!


    • Realistic moving engine parts including moving engine, rev and gear stick.
    • Realistic sounds
    • 3 x USB ports
    • Plugs into your computer USB hub
    • Price: £39.95

    All in one Tool

  • Excellent all in 1 tool
  • Converts Into shovel, saw
  • Hatchet & Hammer
  • Easily locks into place
  • Change over the heads
  • For Differnet jobs
  • Saw is kept safe inside Handle
  • Overall Length 15 Inches
  • Weighs 1 kg with Pouch
  • Finished In Black Not Green
  • Excellent All in one Combination Tool £9.99

    New Web-Tex Combat Survival Kit

  • New Web-Tex Combat Survival Kit
  • Suprb Quality Web Tex Survival Kit
  • Quality Jack Pyke 2 Inch Snap Lock Knife
  • Fire Starter Steel
  • Combat Deluxe Wire Saw
  • Sewing Kit - For those Emergancies!
  • Tea Light Candle
  • Smalll Button Compass
  • Fishing kit with hooks, line & weights
  • Pack of Matches
  • Emergency Loud Whistle
  • 10 x Water Puri Tabs
  • Signalling Mirror - In Lid
  • Pencil & Safety Pins
  • Strong Snare wire
  • Cotton Wool - Helps light fires
  • Accident Report Form
  • Survival Instructions
  • Complete in its watreproof snap close Box
  • Box size when Closed 12cm x 9cm Approx
  • Don't Go out Without One!

  • *New* Web-Tex Combat Survival Kit £14.99

    Super LED Lock Light Clips to your Key

  • Great LED Light that fits to your key
  • Night safety is a high priority for the urban dweller
  • Secure lighting brings peace of mind and security.
  • Beam visible up to a mile away.
  • No more fumbling for your key hole in the dark.
  • Bright directional light that shines a 3 metre beam.
  • So easy to use
  • Attach to your key in 3 easy steps.
  • The perfect gift for all your loved ones.
  • Multi Purpose Dog Tag Tool With LED Light

  • Superb Full Size Dog Tag Multi Tool
  • You’ve never seen anything like it!
  • Authentic Army dog tag style multi-tool
  • Absolutely unique - does so many Things
  • Hang it around your neck
  • Or Put it on a key ring or in your wallet
  • Sure to be the most useful fashion accessory You will buy this year!
  • Tools include a Knife with Serrated Edge
  • Fine and Course File
  • Bottlr Opener and Screw driver
  • Bright White LED Bulb,
  • Phillips Screwdriver, Tweezers
  • Constructed form Stainless Steel
  • Chain to hang Around your neck
  • Great Gift Idea

  • Multi Purpose Dog Tag Tool With LED Light £14.99

    SLP2 Survival Tool

    Here’s a very handy gadget to have around if you’re camping or plan to be stranded in the middle of the forest for some reason. This survival tool features not only a very powerful blade, but a couple of other neat features which are not commonly seen on these kinds of gadgets.

    First of all the blade is a top quality, Swedish designed blade. Half of the blade is even, while the other half is serrated so you don’t need to have one tool for sawing action and another tool for cutting action.

    On the back of the blade is probably the most amazing thing about the tool. When the included fire starter is rubbed along the back side of the blade, it produces are large shower of sparks to light a fire even in wet conditions.
    It would be incredibly easy to start a fire this way considering the sparks created reach 3,000°C! I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to have your fingers on the wrong side of that! With the sparks you can easily light stoves, barbeques and even start your own fire from dry grass or bark. The fire starter is also good for up to 3000 strikes so you’ll probably never need to replace it.

    Also included is a powerful flashlight so you can have light no matter where you are. They run on 4 tiny button cell batteries so you don’t have any big batteries taking up room. It’s also completely water proof so you don’t need to worry about it getting wet. As well there is an emergency whistle built into the bottom of the tool just in case.

    This handy wilderness gadget is available for £34.99

    tirsdag den 22. april 2008

    ATAX: Tool Which Does Almost Everything

    This is the tool you need when you get lost in the woods. The ATAX looks like a simple hand-axe, but clever design builds in a huge range of features.

    First, you can lash it to a stick to turn it into a real axe. It'll turn bolts, convert into a small bow for killing game, the carbon steel blade will let you skin and butcher the animal and a fire-bow bearing means you can build a fire and cook it. Quote: "There goes the skin... Just like it had a zipper."

    Laser etched graphics on the side of the tool allow it to be used as a sun dial, compass, inclinometer and rangefinder. The ATAX isn't cheap, at around $100-$160, but it's 100% awesome.

    The TankChair

    While some people are please with a simple and normal wheelchair, there are others that think in the future and bring us something really cool, like the TankChair.

    The special kind of wheelchair is made to withstand traveling in “hard” terrains, like snow, sand, streams, and bumps. In case you are wondering, it was specifically made for a “designer’s disabled wife” that enjoys the outdoors.

    This latest version has some upgrades when comparing to the original, such as a better chassis, a chair with a lot of padding, so you don’t feel the bumps, and more.

    Vehicle Safeguard Video Recording Camera

    Special Report! Safeguard your vehicle today. Video recording of driving conditions can help make life easier in the unfortunate event of an accident

    As you sit there and read the beginning of this report you start to sense the importance of protecting yourself and your family. Accidents can happen at any time, without notice. As is often the case after an accident, we are disoriented and don't always remember everything just prior to the impact. Law enforcement uses what you say immediately following an accident to assess fault that could adversely affect your financial well being. Sometimes, we don't clearly remember the conditions of the road, weather, and traffic immediately following an accident. The Vehicle Safeguard will help solve that problem.

    Record the conditions of the road, weather, and traffic directly from your dashboard. Supply objective and direct evidence to insurance companies and law enforcement if needed. Protect your family with objective evidence. The Vehicle Safeguard will supply you with peace of mind as you navigate your way through streets and highways.

    Installation is a snap. You will have your vehicle monitored in minutes. The Vehicle Safeguard even has two power options: 12V DC power through the cigarette lighter or four AAA batteries. Secure the cradle to the dashboard and place the main recording unit inside the cradle. Use anywhere from a 128MB to 2GB SD card to store the recordings. Finally, you will need to set the recording angle. A red spot light will shine in the direction of the recording, at the center of the recording. Adjust the angle of the camera with the cradle. That's it!

    Now that you have the Vehicle Safeguard installed in just minutes, your road trips will have a certain peace of mind never before experienced. Video is recorded in AVI format, which is compatible with any PC. The best part is that the next scenic drive you take can also be captured on video. Not only do you get to experience safety while driving, but you also get to relive those scenic drives you take through the valleys on the way to your favorite getaway. Order today and have peace of mind in your vehicle in just minutes.
    Found on
    Price: $79.95

    Homemade Tornado Machine

    Have you every felt the need to have a funnel cloud swirling around in your living room? Maybe the idea of a rushing vortex of air really steams your clams? If this is indeed the case, look no further than this machine that you can build from spare parts. Highly detailed instructions on how to build a machine that generates a mini self-contained tornado are available to you at absolutely no cost from this gentleman's Web site. A trip to the local electronics junk seller (or eBay, for the never-leave-home types) is all that is needed to obtain the necessary parts. Follow the step-by-step instructions and your living room will be the envy of all others. Flying debris and cows not included, we are afraid. How to build a tornado machine

    Waterproof iPod Shuffle

    We’re not talking some fancy rubber case to wrap around your iPod. SwimMan actually disassembles genuine iPod Shuffles and reassembles them using “proprietary waterproofing technology”. Neat. You can snag waterproof headphones from them too. What - no photo? C’mon, you know what an iPod Shuffle looks like!

    Casio Pathfinder Watch

    Plan on climbing Everest? With Casio’s Pathfinder watch, you can lug the rest of the crap on this list around and still know what time it is and how freakin’ cold it is at the top. This beast sports an altimeter, thermometer, compass, barometer, auto-setting atomic clock functionality, tide graph, depth gauge, and dive log. Oh and it’s solar powered. Is it really still considered a watch at this point?

    GPS Photo Tagger

    Serious traveler/photographers know what a pain in the ass it can be to keep track of where each and every one of their photos were taken. You could keep a running diary of every shot, but who needs that hassle? Enter the Sony GPSCS1KA GPS Unit Kit. All you need to do to use it is turn it on and carry it with you. It takes a snapshot of your location at fifteen second intervals. Back home, the included software checks the EXIF data from each photo and matches it to where you were at that point in time.

    Wind Up Cell Phone Charger

    If you’re a long ways from home (and a power outlet), this little beauty will keep your cell phone juiced for as long as you have a working hand. Of course, the obvious question is: if you’re that far from civilization, are there likely to be cell towers near you? Just a thought.

    Bottle Opener Sandals

    Fancy yourself more of a hops fellah than a wino? The aforementioned Reef has outdone themselves by combining the classic staple of beach life - the sandal - with the classic staple of the beach life boozer - the bottle opener. Introducing the Fanning. Brilliant! Why didn’t someone think of this before?

    Stash Sandals

    Or if you’d rather your hostel-mates or the hotel chambermaid not think you’re a disgusting chap with a penchant for showing off your poo-laden unmentionables, Reef’s Stash sandals are just the trick. Although they’re technically marketed towards the ladies, they are offered in jet black. So if you’re a dude, no one has to know that you like to wear women’s shoes.

    Turn Your Laptop Into a Travel Safe … Sort Of

    The Stashcard hides cash, credit cards, and that picture of Fluffy you always take with you so you’re not lonely at the hotel.

    The Only Travel Adapter You’ll Ever Need

    150-Country Auto-Detecting Travel Adapter And Converter. Not the catchiest product name, but we can’t all afford big budget marketing departments. Hammacher Schlemmer describes it as “the lightweight, compact device that automatically detects incoming voltage, converts it to 120-volt AC power, and provides plug adaptation for over 150 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Caribbean, and Australia.” You’re out of luck in Antarctica I guess, but I don’t think they have electricity down there anyway. At least now you don’t have to carry around 150 adapters like you used to, right? Also: “The plug configures to fit a variety of international sockets, and it has a built-in USB port that allows you to leave chargers for cell phones, digital cameras, iPod®s, and other devices at home. The device allows simultaneous AC and USB connection to charge two devices at once.” Very cool.

    Mission Impossible-Style Banking

    Online banking over unsecured wireless networks is sketchy to say the least. Who knows whether that shady guy sitting next to you in the pleather jacket with his laptop and a Ron Burgundy mustache isn’t sniffing the 802g airwaves for your web passwords? Get the ultimate in password security with ETrade’s SecurID® Two-Factor Authentication token. It uses strong authentication by generating a random password every 60 seconds. Tom Cruise would be proud.

    Indestructible Travel Cases

    Checking your crackberry or updating weekly travel expenses on your Treo while scuba diving is easier than ever before with the waterproof and crushproof Pelican Micro Case Series of cases. There’s even a purge valve to equalize the pressure!

    Laser Virtual Keyboard

    Relieve your hands of the stress of constantly pushing down heavy keyboard keys with a Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard. This thing is Minority Report cool, but without Tom Cruise’s crazy antics and all that 1984-style big-government-gettin’-up-in-your-piece nonsense.

    A Hammock for Your ‘lectronics

    It’s tough to tell from their German language website, but this 2001: A Space Odyssey-esque device is, as Gadling puts it, “a hammock to keep your small electronics from falling to their death while hanging from oddly-placed outlets.” I can honestly say I’ve never been in such a situation, but I like to be prepared.

    søndag den 20. april 2008

    Solar Mosquito Guard

    Pocket-sized Solar mosquito guard
    We've received countless letters from satisfied Solar Mosquito Guard owners, all with the same theme: These amazing things really work. Pocket-sized devices emit a barely audible, high-frequency wave that repels some mosquito species. Includes keychain and belt clip. Battery fully recharges in three hours of sunlight. Imported.
    Price: $10.00

    Mosquito Dunks

    Keep mosquito larvae out of ponds and standing waters naturally
    Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water around your home. Doughnut-shaped Mosquito Dunks float on water and slowly release bacillus thuringiensis — a natural pesticide lethal to mosquito larvae. Place all-natural dunks anywhere water is left standing for more than a week. Safe for birdbaths, rain barrels, ponds, ditches, tree holes, roof gutters, unused swimming pools, and anywhere else water collects. A single dunk destroys mosquito larvae in up to 100 square feet of water for a month. Set of 6. USA.
    Price: $12.00

    Vortex Blender

    Human-powered, hand-cranked blender
    The human-powered Vortex Blender is perfect for picnics, tailgate parties, and camping, and for educating your children about energy. It features a 48 oz. (1.5 liter) graduated Lexan pitcher with an O-ring sealing top, a removable pour spout that's a 1 oz. shot glass, a brushed stainless steel finish, soft stable rubber feet, an ergonomic handle, two-speed operation, and a C-clamp for stable operation. The base fits inside the pitcher for easy packing. High speed operation is noisy, your camping neighbors will know you're making margaritas! China.

    Hybrid Solar Oven

    Cook With The Power of The Sun
    This unique solar oven cooks no matter what the weather. In sunshine, its rugged onepiece reflector panel combines with a double- paned window, double rubber seals and included booster panels to cook at temperatures up to 300°. Or just plug it into a 120V outlet to cook using 75% less power than a conventional oven. In changeable conditions, sensor controls can even be set to cycle between solar and electric heat as needed. An ideal solution for power-challenged RVs and hot summer kitchens, its tough clamshell suitcase design offers easy carrying, instant set-up, and compact storage. Includes four cooking pans, oven mitt, oven thermometer, 6' power cord, and instructional CD. 211/4"H x 211/4"W x 79/10"D. India.
    Price: $299.00

    Survival Kit in a Sardine Can

    Compass, Whistle, Matches and More

    This lightweight waterproof tin puts an entire survival kit in your pocket. We still can't believe all it holds: a compass, whistle, matches, first aid instructions, razor blade, pencil, non-aspirin pain reliever, fire starter cube, adhesive bandage, energy nugget, reflective signal surface, fish hook & line, duct tape, wire clip, note paper, tea, sugar, salt, gum, watertight bag, safety pin, antibiotic ointment and alcohol prep pad.

    With all this gear stashed in the smallest possible space to keep bikers, hikers, campers, boaters and adventurers of all kinds prepared, it even floats. USA.Price: $14.00