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tirsdag den 3. juni 2008


Ahhhh, warm like a hug. Is your boss too cheap to pay for a little heat in the office? Is the computer at home right next to a drafty window? You need our USB Blanket! A heating pad nestled inside the soft blanket warms your cockles on those chilly days in front of your PC.

Throw it over your legs or use the button clasp to make a cloak for your shoulders.

  • Zippered access allows you to remove the heating pad for washing the blanket.
  • Works on any USB port (PC, Mac, PlayStation or Xbox 360)
  • USB Cable length measures: 48"
  • Blanket measures 33" long x 18" wide

Currently only available in navy blue.

Caution: May cause outbreaks of jealous rage from your coworkers.

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